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The other day, at work,  I noticed that the WSUS server was constantly losing its proxy configuration, so, when I wanted to synch the SUP in SCCM, I had to change the WSUS proxy configuration or no luck for me. Yes, I know, the WSUS server should be totally managed from SCCM, but, this is how it was when I arrived here and, honestly, I have no interest in changing it. But, this little piece of configuration I’m going to change!

So, why was the WSUS server losing the proxy configuration all the time? Well, after searching a bit in internet, I found this article:
and this:

And after properly configuring the proxy options in SCCM, synchronizing the SUP stopped to be a problem.

This is what you need to do to…

Prevent WSUS losing Proxy Configuration

Open the SCCM Management Console and navigate to Administration (1) -> Expand “Site Configuration” (2) -> Select the site system where the SUP role is configured (3) -> Right-click “Software Update Point” and click on “Properties” (4)

Prevent WSUS from losing proxy configuration


Click on the “Proxy And Account Settings” tab and check the box “Use a proxy server when synchronizing software updates“. Click “OK“.

Prevent WSUS from losing proxy configuration


Now right-click “Site system” and select “Properties“.

Prevent WSUS from losing proxy configuration


Under the “Proxy” tab, configure the proxy server settings and click “OK“.

Prevent WSUS from losing proxy configuration


And that’s it. Having the proxy settings configured in SCCM it will be no longer needed to set them in WSUS.


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