Install Windows Server 2016


Being Windows Server 2016 my OS of choice to install in my labs, I decided that my first article would be exactly, how to install Windows Server 2016.

After install WIndows Server 2016, I will add the Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), but I will leave for a future post.

Right now, I’m using Virtualbox to install the OS. You can download Virtualbox using this link The evaluation version of Windows Server 2016 can be downloaded here:

To boot the ISO, you’ll have to record it, either to a DVD, or to to a USB drive. If you’re looking how to create a bootable USB drive with Windows Server 2016, you can find here or here how to. If you are using a VM, and in this specific case, Virtualbox, you must “insert” the ISO into the virtual DVD drive of your virtual machine.

With all this ready, it’s time to….


Install Windows Server 2016

On the first screen, choose accordingly to your needs and click “Next”.

Windows Server 2016 Installation Options


Click “Install Now”.

Installing Windows Server 2016


Next, I decided to install Windows Server 2016 Standard (Desktop Experience), so that I have a regular version of windows installed, ie, with a desktop environment. This is the version that should satisfy the majority’s needs, but you can always compare versions and determine which one fits you the best:

Click “Next”.

Choosing Windows Server 2016


Read and accept the license. Click “Next”.

Windows Server 2016 License Terms


Click on “Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced)”.

Windows Server 2016 Advanced Options


Assuming that you are using a virtual machine, just like I am, you’ll see a drive with no allocated space. Select that drive and click “Next”. Note that if you are using a physical machine or even a virtual machine where you have already an operating system installed, this will delete all of your previous data from the hard drive!

Choosing Windows Server 2016 Installation Disk


The Windows Setup wizard will now copy all files to your hard drive and will restart once finished. Be patient!

Windows Server 2016 Installing

Windows Server 2016 Installing


After restarting, Windows will prompt you to choose a password for the Administrator. Click “Finish”.

Windows Server 2016 Choose Password


Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” and that’s it! You can now start using your new installation of Windows Server 2016!

Windows Server 2016 Login Screen

Windows Server 2016 Login Screen

Windows Server 2016 Desktop


Windows Server 2016 is now ready to use but it might be necessary to perform some additional configurations. In my case, being on a Virtualbox VM, I will now install the “VirtualBox Guest Additions”, which is a set of drivers that allows the VM to have a better performance.

I will now install Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS).


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Thank you for reading!


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